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Technical Specs

The Beresford TC-7510 is an uncomplicated Digital to Analogue Converter with design features offering the ideal solution for the modern day high technology home hi-fi or multi-media environment.

Most digital to analogue converters are aimed at the CD and DVD audiophiles. The TC-7510 has however been designed for a broader range of application and has been further optimized for accurate PC and wireless digital audio reproduction. That includes wireless servers such as the SB3, Airport Express, DAB radio, and satellite audio.

The TC-7510 is a 4 digital inputs audio DAC with 24bit/96KHz digital input capability. It reclocks and resamples incoming digital data using its own inbuilt jitter free clock in order to negate jitter in the original signal.

The actual Digital to Analog conversion process takes place at 352.8KHz for a 16 bit/44.1KHz CD audio signal, and 384KHz for DVD audio. This higher frequency sampling rate accounts for a large part for the detailed resolution and separation of singers and instruments in a recording.

In addition, it has a headphone amplifier and two line outputs. The multiple input and output options enhance the practical uses and increases the versatility of the TC-7510.


In the interest of reducing jitter optical connectors sockets need to remain dirt an dust free when not in use, even if it is just for a few seconds. Just about every media product on the market with optical ports are fitted with a plastic insert. You are supposed to remove it first and then put it away somewhere safe without misplacing it. Unfortunately, real life circumstances are not that simple.
The TC-7510 uses a far more advanced approach, copied from harsh environmental solutions. Our optical ports are fitted with shutters that keep dust and dirt out of the connector.
The multiple consumer devices input and output options have received high praise and makes the TC-7510 still the only DAC outside the high-end and esoteric level that boasts so many connection options.


Analog Audio:
Separate Left and Right audio ICs are behind the audio capabilities of the TC-7510 headphone amplifier. This is only used for the headphone amplifier output. Audio to the external headphone and line outputs is not processed this way, only level control is adjustable in the digital domain for these ports.
A ¼” headphone socket is driven by a dedicated headphone amplifier, which is a highcurrent amplifier that is capable of driving a wide variety of headphone loads, and even outperforms many external headphone amplifiers costing more than a complete TC-7510.
The Volume Control sets the output level of the headphone socket. It can also be used to control the output level of the Variable RCA analog outputs.
The TC-7510 is designed to connect directly to power amps and powered speakers in order to provide the cleanest and shortest path from digital to monitor output.


In the TC-7510, audio for the stereo headphone socket and stereo line output sockets are all treated separately. This means that the two types of outputs are separately amplified and there should be no interaction with loading on the various ports. However the audio output to all analog outputs are the same. You cannot send one audio feed to the headphones and another to the line output, both will always play the same audio.



The analogue audio output stage operates in Class A. This means that there is no crossover distortion in the audio output, which results in a fuller and better dimensioned sound.
The TC-7510 cost versus performance is more in the high-end league, and has been a pleasant surprise to the many proud owners of this affordable marvel.

The cleverly designed analogue layout helps to maintain minute details, depth, and punch in the information retrieval of the digital audio signal. We have also paid great attention to sound stage and sonic depth, giving the TC-7510 audio performance levels that were previously only available from similar products costing several times the price of the TC-7510.

What if you are playing audio that is at 32 kHz/16 bits and you are losing that extra amount of quality that 44.1KHz gives? The TC-7510 over samples the audio to the audio output section using an 8X over sampling DAC for increased precision during playback.

The unique Virtual DC power supply is largely to thank for the leap in performance.
The two part external and internal power
supply supports all international voltages and has generous margins for over and under voltage conditions.

In sonic terms, the TC-7510 represents a revelation of previously undiscovered instruments and vocal nuances, reproducing every note in great detail. It displays increased air and sparkle that gives the sound a more vibrant character, producing a very accurate and realistic 3D focus. Greater audio resolution along with improved definition bring to life previously undiscovered secrets embedded in the original recording. Everything in every region sounds significantly more detailed and, at the same time, more relaxed and lifelike. Live music flows on the TC-7510 with a realistic sense of linearity, tonality and energy. The virtual stage is gone and replaced with a real atmosphere.

The TC-7510 is certainly true to the recording, but it is more true to the music's essence. with increased image and body. The treble sounds more luminous and brilliant, and the midrange to the bass firmer and more resolute.

A compact and solid metal enclosure protects the TC-7510 against damage in all but the most testing environment.

As you would expect from a product with so many different class leading features, our technical support is there to help you to get the best from your DAC at all times.