The Beresford TC-7520 and TC-7510 have a world wide reputation as the most cost effective and affordable Digital to Analogue Converters capable of delivering professional playback of your music collection.

Digital decoded audio playback via the TC-7520 & TC-7510 offers a dramatic and noticeable improvement over the standard analogue output from your original source.

The results are what makes Beresford stand out as clear favourite in even the most modest of equipment set up.

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TC-7510 MK6/5


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The TC-7510 has been given a 5 Star Best Buy award by HIFI Choice in their February 2009 edition in a group test that included at least one DAC that cost ten times as much!



Lorin J. Elias description of the TC-7520 in the June 2009 edition of Affordable Audio: "In terms of sound quality, it is the best DAC I have heard under $1000."